Many transactions with a foreign element, require a Notary Public. Notaries are public office holders and part of the legal system order in the 22 EU Member States based on Latin civil law. Their essential mission is to confer authenticity on the legal instruments and contracts they establish for their clients in areas of law as diverse as marriage contracts, company statutes, wills, real estate transactions, etc.

The Notaries of Europe are firmly committed to the construction of a legal Europe.The Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) is the official body representing the notarial profession in dealings with the European institutions.

By signing a document, a notary certifies that it’s authentic, valid and truthful. If your business needs a document notarised, at Richman Tax & Law we have a long track record of providing this service for clients, and make notarising documents quick and straightforward.

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